Got #Results?

I've dabbled in hosting results before, but it became a big mess very quickly, so I set it aside.  I'd still like to incorporate a regional athlete ranking system someday, akin to that on, but that won't happen until there's a little more user interaction.

Results are important, however, so I'd love to at least link to them on the site.  There being a lot of races, this becomes difficult unless you (the race director!) send them in.  Skinnyski has a great writeup on results and Google Docs/Drive and how to get things in the right format.  Ship your results to me in any format (even including snapshots of the results sheets) and I'll get them up under the right event.

Results will be accepted in the following manner:
- in an email to
- in a comment on the event page (this will get them out there the most quickly)
- in a tweet to @nplainsathletes, with the hashtag #results
- in a post on the Northern Plains Athletics Facebook page

Thanks for the help!
- Matt

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