It's 2015! Race reg., forum, and more.

Hi folks,

If you haven't heard from NPA in a while, you should click over to and see what you're missing.  In 2014 I pulled the site down, stripped off the unnecessary features, and put it back up.  Here's what you can find:

- Map-centricity: It's a map that shows you where the races are.  Save yourself some travel time and race where you are.

- Easy event-adding: Enter where, when, and a link to add a race I'm missing.  No login required.

- Blog: Sharing information as it comes.  Send in your race report!

- Race registration: I'm experimenting with it.  Get in touch if your organization wants to trade exposure for registration.  An example:

- Forum: Chat with other regional racers.  At present there isn't much activity, but you could change that: [Removed this functionality later.]

- Newsletter(s): As a past or present member, you're signed up for this "Site Updates" newsletter.  My goal for these is to keep them seldom, feature-oriented, and to the point.  Other newsletters may cover different topics in the future.

Thanks for the support over the years.  Feel free to email with feedback.